“Far, too, as her splendors shine, system on system shooting like rays, upward, downward, without centre, without circumference, — in the mass and in the particle, nature hastens to render account of herself to the mind.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

This piece of Emerson’s essay connects to Whitman’s poem, Leaves of Grass, specifically to the part where Whitman writes about grass. Whitman questions what really is grass and he went off on a tangent about how far grass can go to signify many aspects of life we do not realize. He writes about grass from being like a child and “babe of the vegetation” to it being the tongues of the dead buried beneath us. It is similar to the way that Emerson went off about how nature is “like rays, upward, downward…” etc. These two writers are passionate about how essential nature is to the soul and they describe it with so much power. They strongly feel that to be in touch with nature and being able to find peace within it, breaking away from societal rules, is vital to living a morally correct life.


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