In the movie Soul Surfer, the protagonist Bethany Hamilton, who lives in Hawaii, is on a mission to become a professional surfer. Having lived in Hawaii for her entire life, she grew up surfing along with her family and best friend, Alana Blanchard. Laying on her surfboard, out in the open water is where Bethany is the happiest and at peace. Only weeks from a surfing competition, Bethany and Alana are out more in the water training and preparing. Unfortunately, on a surfing trip with Alana and her family, Bethany is attacked by a shark during their surf. Surprisingly, she survives the attack, but loses an arm. During the time spent recuperating, Bethany shocks everyone by deciding she still wants to continue surfing, even with one arm. She is soon discouraged after being unable to balance on her board long enough to catch a wave, so she decides to give up surfing for good. She then decides to join a mission trip to help survivors of Thailand after being struck by a tsunami. While aiding those in need, she observes that the people are afraid of getting near the water since they are still traumatized at what ultimately destroyed their homes. When she spots a little boy alone along the sand, she tries to encourage him to join her down at the beach. As predicted, he refuses, but after seeing her grab the nearest board and enter the water, he soon relents. Bethany teaches the little boy to surf for a short while as a crowd starts to gather and witness the moment. A few minutes later, other boys and girls decide they want to join in too, and their families are seen cheering them on with a content expression. I believe the moral of the scene is that although it may seem like the ocean ruined their lives, they can choose to live in fear of it, or accept and move on from that. It is just how Bethany accepted her accident and decided not to live in fear of sharks, but rather she decided to continue to do what she is passionate about. In this case, nature transformed her into being an accepting person of bad circumstances and being able to focus on the other aspects of it. She gained a way to inspire others and help them see that they could overcome any bad situation starting with their outlooks on life. In the end, Bethany returned to surfing and is now, in real life, a professional surfer.


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